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Understand how to set up and use Flock for your team

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Connect with your teammates and start conversations instantly

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Receive notifications, navigate repositories and share rich content

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Create and manage group mailing lists from within Flock

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Assign and track tasks for your team, and never miss a deadline

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Save important messages and get back to them later

Customer Stories

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Bridging communication across multiple geographies with Flock

Read Hiyo Design's story
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Resolving customer queries by sharing information instantly

Read Ituran's story
Dietitians on Demand Image

Dietitians on Demand keeps its remote teams in perfect sync

Read Dietitians on Demand's story
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Effective collaboration with clients powered by Flock

Read Scion Social's story
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ConvertCart communicates with its clients and make decisions faster

Read ConvertCart's story
Drivezy Image

Driving better cross-functional team collaboration at Drivezy

Read Drivezy's story
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Connecting employees from factory to warehouse with Flock

Read The Vanca's story
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Enabling seamless communication for distributed teams at 1mg

Read 1mg's story

Flock for teams

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Sharing real-time updates with the team, on the go

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Reducing email clutter with Flock's powerful integrations

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Monitoring the development cycle from a single platform

Flock vs Slack

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Flock: Intuitive UI, faster execution, richer apps and more

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Drivezy found the perfect tool to keep its growing team in sync

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ConvertCart did away with Slack's clunky UI and battery drain

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HIYO found an intuitive alternative to connect with virtual teams

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